Oral Programme OS11


Ocean Science in Support of Marine Renewable Energy
Convener: Daniel Conley 
Co-Convener: Phil Hosegood 
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Oral Programme
 / Thu, 06 May, 15:30–17:00 / Room 2
Poster Programme
 / Attendance Thu, 06 May, 17:30–19:00 / Hall Z
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Thursday, 06 May 2010
Room 2
Chairperson: Phil Hosegood
15:30–15:45 EGU2010-2923
Assessing the environmental effects of marine renewable energy development - the Wave Hub example (withdrawn)
Emma Sheehan, Matthew Witt, Stuart Bearhop, Annette Broderick, Brendan Godley, James Grecian, David Hodgson, Kerry Howell, Stephen Votier, and Martin Attrill
Site characterization of foundation soil for Offshore Wind Farms - an example from the German North Sea
Stefan Kreiter, Tobias Mörz, Jan F. Metzen, Daniel A. Hepp, Benjamin Ossig, Daniel Otto, Lukasz Socko, Hanno Keil, Volkhard Spieß, and Dierk Hebbeln
Landing Marine-derived Renewable Energy: Optimising Power Cable Routing in the Nearshore Environment
Dr. Rosalind Turner, Tom Keane, Brian Mullins, and Peter Phipps
Impact of Offshore Wind Energy Plants on the Soil Mechanical Behaviour of Sandy Seafloors
Nina Stark, Maria Lambers-Huesmann, Manfred Zeiler, Christian Zoellner, and Achim Kopf
Multicriteria analysis to evaluate wave energy converters based on their environmental impact: an Italian case study
Arianna Azzellino, Pasquale Contestabile, Caterina Lanfredi, and Diego Vicinanza
The Role of Wakes in Modelling Tidal Current Turbines
Daniel Conley, Thomas Roc, and Deborah Greaves