Oral Programme BG7.3/ERE3.2

Microbiology and geochemistry of oil, coal and shale gas reservoirs - from laboratory to reservoir scales
Convener: Martin Krüger 
Co-Conveners: Hans-Hermann Richnow  and Ian Head 
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Public Information:There will also be a Poster Summary & Discussion with short presentations for session BG7.3/ERE3.2 held in room number 37 on Friday, 7 May 2010, 11:00-11:45. (PSD39) - Identification of microorganisms associated with corrosion of offshore oil production systems by Ketil Sørensen, et al. - Enhanced methanogenesis from hexadecane and ethylbenzene under non-methanogenic conditions by Michael Siegert, et al. - Compound-specific carbon isotope analysis of instantaneous gas generated from shaly coal during hydrous pyrolysis by Wen-Yu Tsai, et al. - Is hydrocarbon seepage from hot subsurface petroleum reservoirs seeding the cold ocean with thermophilic bacteria? Casey Hubert, et al. - The bamA gene as a functional and phylogenetic marker for aromatic compound degrading anaerobes by Kevin Kuntze, et al. - SIP goes Proteomics, by Martin von Bergen et al.

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Oral Programme  / Fri, 07 May, 10:30–12:00 / Room 23
Poster Programme  / Attendance Fri, 07 May, 15:30–17:00 / Poster Area BG

ERE3.1 – Biogeochemical and microbiological aspects of Geologic Carbon Capture and Storage
Oral Programme  / Fri, 07 May, 15:30–17:00 / Room 6
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PSD39 – BG7.3/ERE3.2
Fri, 07 May, 11:00–11:45 / Room 37

Friday, 07 May 2010
Room: 23
Chairperson: Krüger, Richnow
Biogeochemistry of anaerobic crude oil biodegradation
Ian Head, Neil Gray, Caroline Aitken, Angela Sherry, Martin Jones, and Stephen Larter
Evaluation of reservoir alteration processes using compound-specific carbon and hydrogen isotope ratios
Andrea Vieth, Raingard M. Haberer, Heinz Wilkes, and Brian Horsfield
Organic-inorganic interactions at oil-water contacts: quantitative retracing of processes controlling the CO2 occurrence in Norwegian oil reservoirs
Wolfgang van Berk and Hans-Martin Schulz
Anaerobic degradation of benzene by marine sulfate-reducing bacteria (solicited)
Florin Musat, Heinz Wilkes, Niculina Musat, Marcel Kuypers, and Friedrich Widdel
Microbial Physiology of the Conversion of Residual Oil to Methane: A Protein Prospective
Brandon E. L. Morris, Felipe Bastida-Lopez, Martin von Bergen, Hans-Hermann Richnow, and Joseph M. Suflita
Tracking down sulphate-reducing microorganisms by molecular and isotope-labelling techniques (solicited)
Alexander Loy