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Metadata, Data Models, and Semantics (co-organized)Array
: Andrew Woolf 
: Paolo Diviacco , Simon Cox , Lorenzo Bigagli , Jon Blower , Alaitz Zabala 
 / Tue, 14 Apr, 08:30–10:00  / PICO Spot 2
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Tuesday, 14 Apr 2015
PICO Spot 2
Chairperson: Dr Lorenzo Bigagli
information semantics

08:30–08:32 PICO2.1
Ontology Design Patterns: Bridging the Gap Between Local Semantic Use Cases and Large-Scale, Long-Term Data Integration
Adam Shepherd, Robert Arko, Adila Krisnadhi, Pascal Hitzler, Krzysztof Janowicz, Cyndy Chandler, Tom Narock, Michelle Cheatham, Mark Schildhauer, Matt Jones, Lisa Raymond, Audrey Mickle, Tim Finin, Doug Fils, Suzanne Carbotte, and Kerstin Lehnert
08:32–08:34 PICO2.2
Rolling Deck to Repository (R2R): Standards and Semantics for Open Access to Research Data
Robert Arko, Suzanne Carbotte, Cynthia Chandler, Shawn Smith, and Karen Stocks
08:34–08:36 PICO2.3
Metarelate - Relating registered semantics to support interoperability tools. (withdrawn)
Mark Hedley
collaborative information management

08:36–08:38 PICO2.4
Dynamic Data Management Based on Archival Process Integration at the Centre for Environmental Data Archival
Esther Conway, Alison Waterfall, Sam Pepler, and Charles Newey
08:38–08:40 PICO2.5
Collaborative Knowledge in Scientific Research Networks (withdrawn)
Paolo Diviacco, Adam Leadbetter, Peter Fox, and Cyril Pshenichny
advances in metadata

08:40–08:42 PICO2.6
NCI's national environmental research data collection: metadata management built on standards and preparing for the semantic web
Jingbo Wang, Irina Bastrakova, Ben Evans, Kashif Gohar, Fabiana Santana, and Lesley Wyborn
08:42–08:44 PICO2.7
The RBV metadata catalog
Francois ANDRE, Laurence FLEURY, Jerome GAILLARDET, and Guillaume NORD
08:44–08:46 PICO2.8
EGU2015-5634 | Presentation
A case for user-generated sensor metadata
Daniel Nüst