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Please note that this session was withdrawn and is no longer available in the respective programme.

Arctic ocean and cryosphere in rapid transition (co-organized)
Co-Conveners: Michael Fritz , Kirstin Werner , Anna Nikolopoulos , Alexey Pavlov 
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The Arctic is currently undergoing unprecedented climate and environmental change, at a pace that exceeds the global average by far. The persistent mismatch between observed and projected patterns of change makes planning and mitigation activities in the Arctic challenging. Therefore, knowledge of the present and past status of the Arctic Ocean and its adjacent coasts is urgently needed to make robust projections of future conditions throughout the Arctic region.

The Arctic in Rapid Transition (ART, network aims at better understanding and projecting rapid changes in the Arctic. ART fosters multi-disciplinary and international research in the Arctic with a focus on integrating spatial and temporal scales in the marine realm and to adjacent Arctic systems.

We invite contributions with a strong relation to the Arctic Ocean and cryosphere under the following topics and beyond:
• Arctic sea ice dynamics and oceanography,
• Arctic land-ocean interactions including coastal permafrost dynamics,
• Arctic ecosystems and biodiversity,
• Arctic palaeoenvironmental archives including proxy development and calibration,
• Arctic law, shipping and exploration.

Studies of a multi-disciplinary nature linking the topics above and studies from early career researchers are especially encouraged for submission.