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Stable water isotope tracer dynamics in the soil-plant-atmosphere continuum
: Natalie Orlowski  | : Christophe Hissler , Arnaud Legout , Jeffrey McDonnell 
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Stable water isotopes are powerful tools for tracing water fluxes and are increasingly applied to better understand processes in the soil-plant-atmosphere system. While new methods allow measurements on high spatial and temporal scales, studies applying tracer methods are tackling complex interactions within the soil compartment, ecology, and variable atmospheric drivers. Recent findings suggest issues of accuracy and comparability of new and old isotope measurement methods and the importance of processes at the interfaces between soils, plants, and atmosphere. Our session aims to bring together the current state of the art in measuring and applying stable water isotopes at these interface to increase interdisciplinary exchange in that fast growing scientific field. We welcome experimental and modeling water isotope studies that present methodological developments, applications, and reveal new process understanding in the soil-plant-atmosphere continuum.