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Teaching Structural Geology and Tectonics in the 21st century (co-organized)PICO session
Convener: Hans de Bresser 
Co-Conveners: Janos Urai , Neil Mancktelow 
Session details
 / Wed, 26 Apr, 08:30–10:00  / PICO spot 1
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Wednesday, 26 Apr 2017
PICO spot 1
Chairperson: Hans de Bresser
08:30–08:32 PICO1.1
3D visualisation of geological structures: dismantling a threshold concept in structural geology (withdrawn)
Eddie Dempsey
08:32–08:34 PICO1.2
Inspiration from drones, Lidar measurements and 3D models in undergraduate teaching
Thomas Blenkinsop and Jennifer Ellis
08:34–08:36 PICO1.3
Teaching and Learning Structural Geology Using SketchUp
Patrice Rey
08:36–08:38 PICO1.4
Making Ice Creep in the Classroom
David Prior, Matthew Vaughan, Mathilde Banjan, M. Hamish Bowman, Lisa Craw, Lauren Tooley, and Pat Wongpan
08:38–08:40 PICO1.5
STEREOVIDEO YouTube channel: Short educational videos for the on-line learning of the stereographic projection technique in Structural Geology
Juan M. Insua-Arevalo, Jose A. Alvarez-Gomez, Pedro Castiñeiras, Rosa Tejero-Lopez, Jose J. Martinez-Diaz, and Martin J. Rodriguez-Peces
08:40–08:42 PICO1.6
Augmented reality on poster presentations, in the field and in the classroom
Friedrich Hawemann and Folarin Kolawole
08:42–08:44 PICO1.7
Fieldwork Skills in Virtual Worlds
Benjamin Craven, Geoffrey Lloyd, Clare Gordon, Jacqueline Houghton, and Daniel Morgan
08:44–08:46 PICO1.8
Jupyter Notebooks as tools for interactive learning of Concepts in Structural Geology and efficient grading of exercises.
Jan Niederau, Florian Wellmann, Jannik Maersch, and Janos Urai
08:46–08:48 PICO1.9
Use of "perceptual modalities" for a new teaching of Structural Geology and Tectonics
Valentino Straser, Michele Casati, and Gabriele Cataldi
Interactive presentations at PICO screens