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Travelling exhibition of COST action TU1401
Convener: Maria Bostenaru Dan  | Co-Convener: Angelica Stan 
The COST action TU1401 "Renewable energy and landscape quality" has prepared 6 posters on the overview of the activity and details on the working group which we would like to present to a wider audience.
You can find out more on the travelling exhibition here:
The main objective of the Action is to develop a better understanding of how European landscape protection/management and renewable energy deployment can be reconciled to contribute socio-environmentally to the sustainable transformation of energy systems.
It is thus relevant for the Energy, Resources and the Environment Division of the EGU (ERE).
A solicited talk related to the action will be given in the session Session EOS7
Work-Life Balance and Welfare Systems in Research and Industry in Geosciences.
The participation of the convener to the EGU is funded by COST through the Inclusivenes Target Country Conference Grant to support the aims of the COST Action TU0801 "Renewable energy and landscape quality".
COST is an EU-funded programme that enables researchers to set up their interdisciplinary research networks in Europe and beyond. More about COST at