Promoting the Planetary VO (public)
Convener: G. M. Chanteur 
Wed, 11 Sep, 14:00–17:30  / Room Moon - Chemistry C. Ingold Cluster
Thu, 12 Sep, 14:00–17:30  / Room Moon - Chemistry C. Ingold Cluster
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IMCCE, an institute of Paris Observatory, and teams of the EC FP7 projects EuroPlaNet-RI/IDIS and IMPEx, have developed specific tools for the Planetary Virtual Observatory. In the framework of the project "Promoting the Planetary Virtual Observatory", funded by CNRS/LPP, the aforementioned teams have prepared six videos to illustrate how to use theses tools via different science cases:

- Tracking asteroïds
- Auroral processes on Saturn
- Exploring exoplanets
- Analyzing Pluto's surface
- Mars, evidence of an oxygen ions "plume"
- Mars, a use case of interoperability

This splinter will offer to users the possibility to visualize these demonstration videos, it will be animated by Dr. Emilie Richer and possibly by some of the authors of the videos.