IAHS Scientific Assembly 2017
10–14 July 2017
Port Elizabeth, South Africa
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Session 23

Multivariate statistics for hydrological application
Convener: Geoff Pegram  | Co-Conveners: Andràs Bàrdossy , Amir AghaKouchak , Salvatore Grimaldi 
Supporting commission(s) / organisations: ICSH

The statistical description of natural events frequently needs a joint modeling of several random phenomena. In the last ten years a significant improvements of multivariate statistical tools opened the venue to new application and analysis of hydrological data. Copula function is one example, indeed it allows to model several continuous random variables, independently of their marginal distributions, and since its development new hydrological design procedures were introduced and new interesting studies on drought, rainfall, runoff, and regional studies were possible.

The purpose of this Workshop is to collect contributions on spatial, temporal and other multivariate statistical techniques and their use for the improvement of hydrological modelling.