Cross-cutting invited presentations on the history, philosophy and sociology of Earth system science
Convenors: Simone Rödder , Matthias Heymann 
Oral programme
 / Mon, 28 Aug, 15:30–16:45  / Room Helmut-Schmidt-Auditorium
 / Tue, 29 Aug, 11:50–12:15  / Room Helmut-Schmidt-Auditorium
 / Wed, 30 Aug, 12:15–12:40  / Room Helmut-Schmidt-Auditorium
 / Thu, 31 Aug, 12:00–12:25  / Room Helmut-Schmidt-Auditorium
 / Fri, 01 Sep, 11:45–12:10  / Room Helmut-Schmidt-Auditorium

This session aims to connect and challenge the world of Earth System Modelling with historical, philosophical and sociological understandings of climate science and its role in society. Sociologists have recently reframed climate change as a wicked social problem rather than a matter of scientific consensus. The relation between understanding and prediction as two arguably conflicting goals in Earth System Modelling is inherently a philosophical and historical issue. Individual presentations look at the historical development of the field, its epistemic basis, its function in society and its relation to policy contexts, which shape not only international climate policy but also how scientists position their careers and research.