New instrumentations and data analysis techniques for a developing hydrology (invited speakers only)
Convener: A. Montanari  | Co-Convener: J. Freer 
Oral Programme
 / Wed, 22 Apr, 13:30–17:30  / Room 31

New measurement and data analysis technologies promise to help us to better understand the processes that control the hydrological cycle, and to improve our ability to set up environmental models. New measurements also pose new challenges in data assimilation, interpretation, and analysis. This session will showcase new technologies and their application to hydrology. The aim is to obtain an up-to-date and visionary picture of what the future will be in terms of data assimilation, data availability and new approaches to hydrological modelling.
This symposium will bring together 6 invited speakers with an established experience in new tools for hydrological measurement, data assimilation and modelling.

Invited speakers:
Eric Wood
Nick van de Giesen
Ronald Calhoun
Dennis Lettenmaier
Witold Krajewski
Harry Veerecken
Murugesu Sivapalan