GPS/Gravity Applications in Active Tectonics and Geophysics
Convener: W. Shen  | Co-Convener: C. Hwang 
Oral Programme
 / Wed, 22 Apr, 13:30–17:00  / Room 26
Poster Programme
 / Attendance Wed, 22 Apr, 17:30–19:00  / Halls X/Y

Modern space techniques provide good opportunity to more precisely determine the global temporary gravity field of the Earth. Study of various phenomena in geoscience based on GPS technique and temporary gravity field is interested by geoscientists. This session is mainly concentrated on the following topics (based on local or global temporary gravity field, as well as GPS technique): earthquake prediction; inner core motion (super rotation, oscillation, wandering, precession, etc.); water storage variation (e.g., sea level, glacier, river, lake, underground water, etc.); variation of the length of day (LOD)£»geoid determination based on GPS technique, etc. Other related topics are also encouraged, e.g., explorations in geophysics based on time series data provided by superconducting gravimeters.