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Coupling sediment fluxes to the carbon cycle
Convener: T. Hoffmann  | Co-Convener: S. Glatzel 

"The carbon cycle lies at the heart of Earth System Science, providing the key energetic link between terrestrial, ocean and atmospheric systems. Quantifying carbon fluxes, sinks and stores related to soils and sediments, and understanding the nature of interactions and feedbacks between carbon and sediments are essential to climate change research and carbon management. However, the temporal patterns of the major carbon fluxes and their consequences for stocks are poorly understood at time scales greater than a few years. Further more the spatial pattern of carbon storage and release at the catchment scale is not well known.

We invite contributions from biogeosciences and geomorphology that that explore relationships between geomorphic processes and the carbon flux at different spatial and temporal scales. We welcome contributions using physical or numerical modelling as well as field-based research."