Depth imaging and tomographic inversion of active seismic data: methodological advances and applications
Convener: Valenti Sallares  | Co-Convener: Jean-Xavier Dessa 
Oral Programme
 / Mon, 03 May, 10:30–12:15  / Room 28
Poster Programme
 / Attendance Mon, 03 May, 17:30–19:00  / Hall XL

The aim of this session is to present recent developments on depth imaging (e.g. prestack depth migration), as well as traveltime and waveform inversion schemes of active seismic data that take into account the increase of computer power and the evolution of acquisition systems (e.g. multicomponent, low frequency sources, dense wide-aperture, geometries, 3D geometries). Any kind of application and investigation at different scales highlighting theoretical, methodological or technical advances is welcome.

Solicited speakers:

Romain Brossier (CNRS-Géosciences Azur, Villefranche-sur-Mer, France)
"2D multiparameter elastic seismic imaging by frequency-domain L1-norm full waveform inversion"

René-Edouard Plessix (Shell International, Rijswijk, The Netherlands)
"Application of 3D full waveform inversion on real marine data sets"

Changsoo Shin (Seoul National University, Seoul, South Korea)
"Waveform inversion in the Laplace domain and the Laplace Fourier domain"

Hongbo Zhou (Repsol-YPF, Houston, USA)
"Reverse Time Migration (RTM)-based waveform inversion"

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