Biosphere-Atmosphere interactions: feedbacks in the global Earth system in the past, persent, and future (co-sponsored by iLEAPS)
Convener: Martin Claussen  | Co-Convener: Victor Brovkin 
Oral Programme
 / Mon, 03 May, 08:30–10:00  / Room 18
Poster Programme
 / Attendance Mon, 03 May, 17:30–19:00  / Halls X/Y

Contributions are welcome in the field of:
a) Global scale vegetation dynamics and feedback with climate dynamics
b) Interaction between vegetation feedbacks on a local scale and global scale feedbacks
c) Global and continental scale anthropogenic land cover change, past, present, future
d) Lifespan of the biosphere, astrobiology
e) Concepts and simplified models of climate-ecosystem feedbacks
f) Comprehensive dynamic global ecosystem models
h) Global data sets for feedbacks assessment