Cancelled - Hyperspectral technology for mineral and environmental applications
Convener: Carsten Laukamp 
Tue, 04 May, 17:30–20:00  / Room 40
Wed, 05 May, 17:30–20:00  / Room 35

!!! This Short Course is cancelled due to low number of registrations !!!!

This one day course aims to provide the background theoretical spectral knowledge to improve skills for using hyperspectral data for mineral mapping as well as monitoring the environment surrounding mining activities.

Mineral maps derived from hyperspectral remote sensing data provide information about mineral abundances and compositional changes of minerals and are therefore ideal for integration with geological maps and geophysical data to enhance understanding of mineral systems. They are valuable tools for mapping viable fluid sources and pathways, depositional sites and outflow zones, and are particularly useful for identifying high geochemical gradients where metals may have deposited.

Hyperspectral remote sensing has also been proven world wide as an effective tool for the gathering of quantitative environmental data, which is a key component required to support environmental policies, maintaining the sustainable development of mineral and metal resources. These data are becoming more widely available especially with the proposed launching of several hyperspectral satellites in the next five years.

Participants are encouraged to bring their laptops equipped with a suitable GIS package (e.g. MapInfo or ARCGIS) so that they can load a selection of case history data, which will cover regolith and alteration mapping as well as monitoring the impacts of mining.

The course will be opened to a limited number of participants to guarantee a good interaction between the presenter and the participants, especially during the hands-on case studies. A fee applies for the participation (50 EUR for students; 100 EUR for others), which includes a DVD with pdf-versions of the presentations as well as hands-on case study data suitable for ARCGIS and/or MapInfo. For registration and arrangement of payments please contact Carsten Laukamp @ []. Students would be asked to provide an electronic copy of their student ID with the registration. Deadline for registration for this short course is the 26th of April 2010.


Tuesday, 04.05.2010, 17:30 - 20:00, Room 40:

Mineral Spectroscopy Theory
Spectral Sensing Instruments - Proximal
Spectral Sensing Instruments - Remote
Alteration and Regolith Spectral Mineral Models
Alteration and Regolith Spectral Mineral Models - Hands on

Wednesday, 05.05.2010, 17:30 - 20:00, Room 35:

Recap on the day before
Processing of Multi- and Hyperspectral Data - Software and Scripts
Rocklea Dome CID - C3DMM Case Study
Monitoring of Iron Derived Dust at Port Facility
Quantifying Distribution of Asbestos at Abandoned Mine Site
Starra - Proterozoic IOCG System analysis, Mount Isa Inlier
Starra - Proterozoic IOCG System analysis, Mount Isa Inlier - Hands on

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