Business Meeting: INQUA group 'Paleoseismology & Active Tectonics' - IGCP567 'Earthquake Archaeology' (public)
Convener: Manuel Sintubin 
Thu, 06 May, 17:30–20:15  / Room SM2

The business meeting of the INQUA Focus Group 'Palaeoseismology and Active Tectonics' aims at revising and updating the activities related to the INQUA Project #811 "A Global Catalogue and Mapping of Earthquake Environmental Effects". Future plans for the Project #811 will be examined and discussed in preparation of the next INQUA Congress (20-27 July, 2011, Bern, Switzerland).
The business meeting of IGCP567 'Earthquake Archaeology' will focus on the ongoing discussion with respect to cataloguing "Earthquake Archaeological Effects". Planning of future events will be discussed.