YES OneGeology Initiative roundtable (public)
Convener: Eveline Speelman  | Co-Convener: Christopher Keane 
Fri, 07 May, 13:30–17:00  / Room SM2

The roundtables will be organized by YES representatives. The double-slot roundtable kicks off with 5 presentations of 15 min each to provide detailed background information. After the break, we continue with working group sessions followed by a group discussion and wrap up. There will be an interactive virtual component to the roundtable sessions for those participants who are not able to join the roundtable in person. Virtual participants are required to register in advance of the meeting (register at http://www.networkyes.org/index.php/yes_egu2010/).

Public information: For the first time, the YES Network (international network for early-career earth scientists: www.networkyes.org) organizes a roundtable discussion in cooperation with the EGU. The roundtable session aims to foster conversation between science, policy and society, engaging both senior and young geoscientists as presenters and participants. The topic of the roundtable is the “OneGeology Initative”. OneGeology aims to make dynamic geological map data worldwide available via the web. This will create a focus for accessing geological information for everyone, which will increase understanding of the environment and provide a science base to tackle environmental and societal challenges. During the roundtable we explore the OneGeology initiative, its progress, current applications and future mapping activities. Through the roundtable we aim to further familiarize the geosciences community with the visible application of geosciences, find possible new applications, and identify areas of cooperation between EGU, YES and OneGeology.