Hydrology Education in a Changing World
Conveners: Thorsten Wagener , Jan Seibert 
Wed, 05 May, 19:00–20:00  / Room 34

We are challenged by teaching hydrology in a changing world. Changes affect hydrology in two ways. There are new needs for hydrological information with regard to environmental change such as urbanization and climate change and there are new possibilities for hydrological research due to advances in computational capabilities such as cloud computing, new observational methods such as gravity measurements and fiber-optic cables, the increasing need to understand the role of humans in hydrological systems are just some of the main causes for a rapid change of the face of hydrology. If hydrology is changing, then we need to adjust how we educate and train the next generation of hydrologists which will have to face all of these changes. In this townhall meeting we want to have discussion on how hydrology education has to change, and what opportunities this might provide. The starting point for the discussion will be three theses about the future of hydrology education by the following eminent hydrologists:
- Murugesu Sivapalan
- Markus Weiler
- James Kirchner (to be confirmed)

We will then open the floor for a critical discussion of these theses and the general question on how hydrology education can meet future challenges.