Convener: Rosa Lasaponara  | Co-Convener: Antonio Lanorte 
Mon, 03 May, 15:00–15:45  / Room 37

This session will consist of poster summary and discussion of the following papers (approx. 5-6 min for each poster):

1) EGU2010-6863
Sebastian Mieruch, Stefan Noël, Heinrich Bovensmann, John P. Burrows, and Jan A. Freund
Detection of a climate regime shift of the Iberian Peninsula - Application of a Markov chain analysis to satellite data

2) EGU2010-13247
T. Simoniello, S. Pignatti, M. T. Carone, L. Fusilli, M. Lanfredi, R. Coppola, and F. Santini
Multiscale assessment of landscape structure in heterogeneous forested area

3) EGU2010-383
Sofiane Khelifa, Salem Kahlouche, and Boualem Ghezali
Analysis of positions time series of GPS-DORIS collocated station

4) EGU2010-3045
Michele Volpi and Mikhail Kanevski
Unsupervised Binary Change Detection in VHR Images using a Kernelized Clustering Algorithm

5) EGU2010-1780
Lorenzo Fusilli, Rosa Maria Cavalli, Giovanni Laneve, Stefano Pignatti, Giancarlo Santilli, and Federico Santini
Time series analysis of satellite multi-sensors imagery to study the recursive abnormal grow of floating macrophyte in the lake victoria (central Africa)

Rosa Coluzzi, Rosa Lasaponara, and Nicola Masini
Satellite imagery time series for the detection of looting activities at archaeological sites