BG2.8 - Poster discussion session
Convener: Frank Veroustraete  | Co-Conveners: Willem Verstraeten , Inge Jonckheere , Klaus Scipal 
Wed, 05 May, 14:00–14:45  / Room 40

Selected Posters discussion session

BG64 - EGU2010-1475
Maria Medvedeva, Igor Savin, Sergey Bartalev, and Evgeny Loupian. Analysis of long-term vegetation dynamics in Northern Eurasia based on NOAA-AVHRR data

BG65 - EGU2010-1579
Christian Muller. CHAMBARA: The changing hydrography and man made biomass burning in Africa: a concept for earth observations from the International Space Station.

BG66 - EGU2010-2191
Charlotte Fletcher, Richard Petritsch, and Stephan Pietsch. Comparing terrestrial, satellite, and ecosystem model output data for the Batéké Plateau, Gabon.

BG67 - EGU2010-3842
Supannika Potithep, Nishida Kenlo Nasahara, and Rikie Suzuki. Comparison of LAI estimation based vegetation index and MODIS LAI for gross primary productivity estimation, deciduous broadleaf forest in Japan

BG68 - EGU2010-3903
Aydin Gurol Erturk, Simon Elliott, Humberto Barbosa, Olivier Samain, Thomas Heinemann, Ahmet Yildirim, and Leopold vande Berg. Pre-Operational NDVI Product Derived from MSG SEVIRI

BG69 - EGU2010-5105
Yang-Sheng Chiang, Wolfgang von Hoyningen-Huene, Annette Ladstätter-Weißenmayer, and John Burrows. Improvements of Surface Reflectance Model for Aerosol Retrieval

BG70 - EGU2010-6891
Maria Zoran, Liviu Florin Zoran, Carmen Ionescu Golovanov and Adrian Dida. Modeling vegetation reflectance from satellite and in-situ monitoring data

BG71 - EGU2010-7929
Mikko Peltoniemi, Minna Pulkkinen, Pasi Kolari, and Annikki Mäkelä. Does canopy mean N concentration explain differences in light use efficiency in 14 eddy-covariance sites?

BG72 - EGU2010-11173
J. Stuckens, S. Dzikiti, W.W. Verstraeten, J.S. Verreynne, R. Swinnen, and P. Coppin. Impact of physiology, structure and BRDF in hyperspectral time series of a Citrus orchard.

BG73 - EGU2010-11449
B. Somers, J. Verbesselt, E.M. Ampe, N. Sims, W.W. Verstraeten, and P. Coppin. Monitoring of defoliation in mixed-aged Eucalyptus plantations using Landsat 5-TM

BG74 - EGU2010-11704
Inge Jonckheere and Alberto Sandoval. The role of satellite remote sensing in REDD/MRV.

BG75 - EGU2010-11577
L. Tits, B. Somers, J. Stuckens, W.W. Verstraeten, and P. Coppin. Hyperspectral signal unmixing for the extraction of crop production parameters.

BG76 - EGU2010-14695
Frank Veroustraete. The Impact of Atmospheric Aerosols on the Fraction of absorbed Photosynthetically Active Radiation.

BG77 - EGU2010-15045
M. Balduzzi, D. Van der Zande, W.W. Verstraeten, and P. Coppin. The intensity return behavior of the high resolution terrestrial 3D laser.

BG78 - EGU2010-12067
W.W. Verstraeten and F. Veroustraete. The effect of water availability on the remotely sensed net primary productivity.

BG79 - EGU2010-2669
Klaus Scipal and the BIOMASS Team. Measuring Forest Biomass and Height from Space - Results from the assessment of ESA's BIOMASS satellite concept.

BG80 - EGU2010-1081
Armel T. Kaptue Tchuente, Steven M. De Jong, Jean-Louis Roujean, Charly Favier, and Catherine Mering.
Classification of ecosystems at the African continental scale using a hybrid clustering approach based on 1 km resolution multi-annual SPOT/VEGETATION data.

BG81 - EGU2010-7422
Alexander Krenke and Yuriy Puzachenko. Constructions of vegetation cover cartographical models based on remote sensing information and traditional maps.

BG82 - EGU2010-11124
Daniel Doktor. Evaluation of methods to derive green-up dates based on daily NDVI satellite observations.

BG83 - EGU2010-13903
Maria Barrachina, Jordi Cristóbal, and Antoni F. Tulla.
Modelling biomass in meadows and pastures using Landsat-5 TM data in a Mediterranean mountain region (Vall Fosca - Catalan Pyrenees).

BG84 - EGU2010-7400
Robert Sandlerskiy and Yurii Puzachenko. Thermodynamic analysis of ecosystem based on remote sensing data.

Public information: Convener: Inge Jonckheere

Selected posters are orally presented during two minutes and subseqsuently discussed during 1 minute