Meeting of the European Group of Volcano Geodesy (by invitation only)
Convener: Giuseppe Puglisi 
Tue, 05 Apr, 15:30–19:00  / Room SM6

Recent decades have seen an exponential growth of the applications of Geodesy in volcanic areas, both in quality and quantity. Nowadays, monitoring of most European volcanoes makes wide use of the techniques of Geodesy, in combination with Seismology and Geochemistry.
This situation is the result of a scientific, technical and cultural path that has characterized the science of volcanoes during recent years and decades.
Based on these considerations, a dozen scientists, meeting at a Splinter Meeting during the 2010 EGU General Assembly, decided to launch a European Group of Volcano Geodesy (EGVG), whose main aims are:
- To support and improve collaboration among scientists and institutions involved in geodetic monitoring and research at active volcanic areas in Europe.
- To facilitate the transfer of knowledge, tools and training capabilities among European scientists and volcano observatories, through the promotion of conferences, seminars, high-level education courses and field experiments.
- To promote sharing of data sets among scientists and institutions.
After one year, the number of scientists involved in the initiatives of this group grew and it is time to assess the situation. In the Splinter Meeting we will discuss the activities of our community during the next year including those connected with some ongoing international initiatives such as EPOS, Supersites, etc.