Postglacial Fault Drilling Project (public)
Wed, 06 Apr, 17:30–20:00  / Room SM5

The "Postglacial Fault Drilling Project" is a new initiative for a ICDP drilling project aimingto investigate, via scientific drilling, the tectonic and structural characteristics of postglacial faults in northern Fennoscandia, including their hydrogeology and associated deep biosphere. The project team is currently developing a full drilling proposal to ICDP. The splinter meeting is related to the topic of the session SM2.12/G3.10/GD2.16/TS8.8 "Intraplate faulting and seismicity with special reference to the Fennoscandian Postglacial Fault Province". The meeting is meant for both those already participating in the PFDP project as well as those interested in joining.