Convener: Tuija Pulkkinen 
Mon, 04 Apr, 12:15–13:15  / Room D

All attendants are invited to this annual event where the past and future development of EGU is discussed. The Plenary is open to all EGU members and all EGU2011 General Assembly participants. The whole council will attend.

This is the main meeting for bringing forward new ideas to the organization.
Free lunch buffet (sandwiches & soft drinks) will be served.


Chairs: T. Pulkkinen and Don Dingwell

1. Welcome by the President
2. Check on Presence of Quorum
3. Agenda
4. Report by the President for the years 2010/2011
5. Report by the Treasurer about the fiscal calendar year 2010
6. Discharge of the Executive Board
7. Inauguration of new officers
8. Elections of incoming President and General Secretary in autumn 2011
9. Perspectives for the future
10. Any Other Business

Hans Thybo (EGU General Secretary)
12 February 2011