Women in Geosciences and 'What can EGU do for Women Geoscientists?'
Conveners: Tuija Pulkkinen , Jennifer A. Holden , Bruce D. Malamud 
Oral Programme
 / Fri, 08 Apr, 10:30–13:15  / Room D

At EGU2010 we held the first townhall meeting on this subject of women in the geosciences, and what EGU can do for women geoscientists. At EGU2011 we will hold the second townhall meeting, including short presentations and discussions of how the EGU as a professional association can continue taking a more active role in influencing and promoting equal opportunities for women in the geosciences. The discussion will be followed by a reception which is a networking opportunity for Women in Geoscience. Please examine the 'online' programme for an up-to-date schedule for this session.