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Coupling the Earth's surface with the atmosphere - Research in Germany
Thu, 26 Apr, 18:30–20:00  / Room 4

With this town hall meeting we want to give an insight over Germany's research funding activities. Germany offers a wide variety of research, scientific collaboration and career opportunities for geoscientists. This is illustrated by examples of geoscientific projects and personal experiences of invited speakers. They will highlight their interdisciplinary work in the field of global circulation and cycles (see list below). An informal question-and-answer session part will provide further information about funding and collaboration options for scientists from PhD to senior levels.

Martin Visbeck, Kiel: "Ocean - climate - your future?"

Stefan Kollet, Bonn: "Potential of Integrated Simulations of Terrestrial Systems in Hydrologic Discovery"

Andras Bardossy, Stuttgart: - confirmed

Wolfram Mauser, München: "Water and Vegetation on a Heterogenous Land Surface - From Image to Understanding"

Martin Wilmking, Greifswald: "Coupling Carbon Dynamics in Boreal Peatlands with Career Paths - Perspectives from a DFG Emmy Noether Research Group"

The Town Hall Meeting is organized as part of the collaborative project "International Research Marketing", which is a joint initiative by the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation, the German Academic Exchange Service, the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft and the Fraunhofer Gesellschaft. All the activities within the project are part of the "Promote Innovation and Research in Germany" initiative under its brand "Research in Germany".