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Meeting of the Joint Working Group JWG2.8 (IAG) Modeling and Inversion of Gravity-Solid Earth Coupling (public)
Convener: C. Braitenberg 
Thu, 26 Apr, 19:00–20:00  / Room SM6

First meeting of the Joint Working Group on Modeling
and Inversion of Gravity-Solid Earth Coupling. Aims of the working group
include to explore situations in which gravitative forces have been an
important agent in the evolution of the lithosphere. The topics of interest
range from the evolution of crustal thickness, isostatic Moho response,
lithospheric thickness, lithospheric slab pull, lithospheric cooling, gravity
field related deformation. Explore where and to what extent density variations
in crust and mantle affect mass loading and geodynamics. Methodological
aspects include the development of forward and inversion algorithms in a
spherical Earth, the use of the gravity tensor and the new GOCE observations.