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Seismic imaging and tomography: theory and practice
Convener: Ivan Koulakov  | Co-Convener: Edi Kissling 
Oral Programme
 / Wed, 25 Apr, 08:30–12:00  / 13:30–15:00  / Room 27
Poster Programme
 / Attendance Wed, 25 Apr, 15:30–19:00  / Hall XL

This session will cover theoretical and practical aspects of all
disciplines of seismic tomography applied on different scales (from
first meters to the global scale) using both active and passive
seismic data. The session will consist of the following blocks.
Block 1: Theoretical and methodological achievements in seismic
imaging and tomographic inversion. Discussions on hot problems are
encouraged in this block, such as:
- ray theory, finite frequency, or full waveform inversion approaches?
- verification, resolution assessment, uncertainty analysis, benchmarking;
- combination of different data;
- 2D and 3D pre-stack depth migration;
- experimental design and the evolution of acquisition systems;
- presenting new codes and algorithms for tomographic inversion and
seismic imaging.
Block 2: Results of active and passive tomography on local, regional
and global scales. Geological interpretations based on tomography
results are highly appreciated. Some, but not all, of the previewed
topics for this block are listed below:
- body and surface wave tomography,
- local earthquake, teleseismic, regional and global tomographic schemes,
- 2D and 3D active source tomography;
- attenuation tomography;
- ambient noise tomography;
- seismic anisotropy;
- microseismicity (e.g. hydraulic fractures).