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Estuarine processes
Convener: Andrea D'Alpaos  | Co-Conveners: Hubert H.G. Savenije , Simon Mudd , Marco Toffolon 
 / Tue, 09 Apr, 08:30–12:00  / Room R8
 / Attendance Tue, 09 Apr, 17:30–19:00  / Red Posters

Estuaries are important environments both for natural and economic reasons. Assessing the impact of anthropic pressure on these systems is a complex task, because it is contextual with several natural processes acting over a wide range of temporal and spatial scales. Learning from the analysis of case studies, and exploiting the up-to-date knowledge about hydraulic, morphological and biological processes, this open session aims at discussing to which limit it is possible to predict the natural and human-influenced evolution of estuaries, deltas, and lagoons. Presentations are welcome about all the aspects involved in the problem: hydrodynamics, morphological characterization, morphodynamics, sediment transport and the effect of cohesion, salinity intrusion, impact of climate change and sea-level rise, and societal or management implications, including for instance tidal hydropower production. Efforts towards multidisciplinary approaches and ecological modelling are especially appreciated.

Solicited speakers: Tjeerd Bouma (Royal Netherlands Institute for Sea Research -- NIOZ) and Huib de Swart (Utrecht University).