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How to write (and publish) a scientific paper in hydrology (co-organized)
Conveners: Laurent Pfister , Miriam Coenders-Gerrits 
Wed, 10 Apr, 08:30–10:00  / Room R2

Preparing a manuscript for submission to a scientific journal may be hard work for many scientists. Still, scientific writing is an essential step of the research process, because the form used to present the results is often as important as the results themselves. Writing a scientific paper is a skill that can be acquired with time and becomes easier with practice. This short course will give early-stage researchers simple guidelines on writing about their work and increase the chance of publishing what they write. This year the course will be given by prof. Niko Verhoest (Ghent University, Belgium).

The course will first address some preliminary questions:
WHY: Is this research worth of a paper in an international journal? Is my research novel enough to write a paper?
WHAT: Should I write a concise research letter or a standard article? Should I write a single long paper or two short papers?
WHERE: How can I choose the most appropriate journal for publishing my work?

The core of the course will then consist of a "how-to" guide to writing and publishing research articles for scientific journals:
-How to organize the paper?
-How to write the abstract?
-How to write the introduction?
-How to convince the reader of the relevance of the treated topic?
-How to study (and cite) the relevant literature?
-How to organize the methods and results sections (how many details should I include)?
-How to emphasize the positive aspects of my research?
-How to write the conclusions?
The course will propose an introduction to these topics in the form of a seminar followed by an open discussion.

The course will be open to a limited number of participants selected on a first come-first served basis. For any additional information, please contact the conveners.