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From PRE-EARTHQUAKES to EQUOS: building the EarthQUakes Observing System community as a dedicated component of GEOSS (public)
Convener: Valerio Tramutoli 
Wed, 10 Apr, 17:30–20:00  / Room R9

17:30. V. Tramutoli and the PRE-EARTHQUAKE Team. The PRE-EARTHQUAKES heritage in the EQuOS perspective.
17:40: D.Ouzounov, S.Pulinets, K.Hattori, J.Y.Liu - Multi-parameter observations of atmospheric pre-earthquake signals and their retrospective/prospective validation.
17:50 Sergey Pulinets. The physical basis for multiparameter earthquake precursors monitoring.
18:00 G. Papadopulos, B. Di Fiore & G. Minadakis Real-time evaluation of seismicity: examples from Greece and Italy.
18:00 V. Kossobokov. The on-going Global Test of M8-MSc intermediate-term middle-range predictions and/or Objectivistic criticism of probabilistic approaches to earthquake forecast/prediction?
18:10 V. Korepanov. Observation system project to improve the reliability of the magnetic earthquake precursors detection".
18:20 Antonella Peresan. Real-time testing of premonitory seismicity patterns
18:30 Irk Shagimuratov, Irina Zakharenkova, Iurii Cherniak, Ivan Karpov and Alexander Radzievski. Results of using GPS TEC measurements for seismo-ionospheric anomalies recognition: PRE-EARTHQUAKES project.
18:40 Discussion

Public information: The meeting will be dedicated to present the latest results of the EU FP7 PRE-EARTHQUAKES and related projects. It will be also the occasion to discuss the possibility to extend, maintain and integrate a worldwide capacity of measuring parameters potentially useful for a better understanding of earthquake's preparatory phases and eventually for their short term prediction.