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SCAR action group: Connecting geophysics with geology - key areas for understanding the building stones of Antarctica
Conveners: Joachim Jacobs , Fausto Ferraccioli 
Wed, 10 Apr, 13:30–15:00  / Room R9

The scattered geological exposures of Antarctica have been mapped and understood to strongly varying degrees. The close vicinities of stations are often better studied than remote areas where logistics is demanding. There are still extensive unmapped areas. Systematic international aerogeophysical surveying is increasing our ability to reveal the sub-ice geology and crustal architecture of the continent. Major lineaments and the spatial extent of individual crustal provinces is becoming more apparent. However, the connection of the exposed geology and the geophysics is often loose, specifically in remote areas and this makes interpretation more difficult. Key areas need to be identified where detailed geological field studies and focussed geophysics should be carried out in order to understand the geologic significance of major geophysical lineaments and the tectonic and geodynamic context of the different tectonic provinces and geophysical domains. We would like to discuss: - High priority areas where lineaments and/or inferred tectonic boundaries intersect with outcrops; - Coordination and development of multinational capabilities in geophysics and geology; - Planning and initiation of future international expeditions to key areas; - Improved geological mapping, also in logistically demanding areas; - Improved connections to adjacent continents within the Gondwana/Rodinia supercontinents; - Worthy drill sites for basement recovery and connection to other Antarctic drilling communities.