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Scales, scaling and extremes in the geosciences (co-organized)
Convener: François G. Schmitt  | Co-Conveners: Dionysia Panagoulia , Remko Uijlenhoet , Shaun Lovejoy , Panayiotis Dimitriadis , Cristian Suteanu , Sabine Lennartz-Sassinek , Richard Gloaguen , Christian Franzke , Nathalie Fagel , Costas Varotsos , Thomas Blenkinsop 
 / Tue, 29 Apr, 08:30–12:15
 / Attendance Wed, 30 Apr, 17:30–19:00

Scaling laws are essential descriptions of many observations in geosciences, including geophysical fluid dynamics, climate, geophysics, solid Earth, and provide key links between observations and processes. Contributions are invited that illustrate, reveal or explain scaling laws and extremes in these fields. The session will host contributions of experimental, theoretical and methodological nature. This will include:
- nonlinear dynamics and the space-time scaling properties of atmosphere, ocean, climate, terrestrial water and biogeophysical processes; complex statistical properties of flows on scales ranging from planetary down to dissipation scales (in space) and from multiannual to seconds and smaller (in time)
- discussions on the concept of scaling from a physical, stochastic, and application point of view, as well as investigations of scaling representations for the distribution of geophysical extremes
- scaling analysis techniques of climate data (spectra, wavelets, Detrended Fluctuation Analysis, Haar fluctuation analysis and others) as well as models with wide range space-time variability
- solid Earth geology, including structural geology (e.g. fragmentation, faults), petrology (e.g. studies of melts and magmas, hydrothermal systems), geophysics (e.g. seismicity, volcanicity), geochemistry (e.g. element distributions in and on the Earth), geomorphology (e.g. landscape evolution studies).

Invited speakers:
Georgia Destouni (Stockholm University, Sweden)
Anna Deluca (Centre de Recerca Matematica, Barcelona, Spain)