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Milestones in Soil Science: Senior and junior soil scientists share their perspectives on the leading problems of soil science today
Convener: Artemi Cerdà  | Co-Conveners: Jerzy Weber , Teodoro Miano , Markus Steffens , Johan Six 
 / Fri, 02 May, 08:30–12:00

The progress of science is based on daily work of scientists researching in the field, lab and offices. This progressive advance in science is accelerated by findings done by researchers and group of researchers that surpass thresholds of knowledge and make science fascinating, improving the understanding of the Earth System, and contributing to a higher quality of life for the humankind and the ecosystems. Those finding are usually new ideas, but also new products and techniques, which make knowledge to progress, and science to be stronger as a tool for the Human Societies. Soil Science advances has been remarkable as soils were seeing as geological materials just one century ago. Soil Sciences is a young branch of the science with a very healthy research activities and findings. This session wish to invite solicited speakers and abstract that will show those new findings that are accelerating the understanding the soil systems, and that are being milestones to the Soil Science scientific development.
This session will show the evolution of the soil science knowledge by means the talks and posters of senior and young scientist. The senior scientists will show the initial development and the evolution of the methods and findings and the young scientist will show the new and most advanced research done in this field