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Innovative and successful research on soil science developed by young scientists
Convener: Jantiene Baartman  | Co-Conveners: Agata Novara , Estela Nadal Romero , Matthias Vanmaercke 
 / Attendance Fri, 02 May, 17:30–19:00

This new session is organised by the Young Scientist Panel on Soil System Sciences Division. The aim of this session is to provide a platform for young scientists to share their ideas and views on soil science within the Earth Sciences community. With young scientists, we mean MSc or PhD students or researchers younger than 35 years who obtained their PhD less than 7 years ago.

Whereas most sessions consist of talks and poster displaying mainly results, we would especially like to invite young scientists to share their ideas, show your findings and research challenges or present a proposed methodology that can be discussed within the community. Evidently, promising results are also warmly welcomed, as well as works that have been awarded by scholarships, prizes or grants. You are also welcome to share the pathway that you experienced from small initial ideas to great achievements.

Topic wise this session is open: any subject that has to do with soil science in the broadest sense is welcomed. Especially welcome are innovative fields or cutting edge methods, for example the use of UAVs or new modelling concepts, preferably discovered or developed by young scientists.