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Digital Landscapes: Insights into geomorphological processes from high-resolution topography, quantitative interrogation and geomorphological mapping
Convener: Alexander Beer  | Co-Conveners: Jim Chandler , Dirk Rieke-Zapp , Wolfgang Schwanghart , Tobias Heckmann 
 / Wed, 30 Apr, 15:30–17:00
 / Attendance Wed, 30 Apr, 17:30–19:00

This inter-disciplinary session will bring together researchers working on geospatial data acquisition and data processing of the Earth's land surface and seafloor. The session will focus upon advances in close-range high-resolution surveying technology. These technologies allow geomorphologists and geoscientists to benefit from capturing data at both higher spatial resolution and improved precision, to monitor and understand landscape evolution.

We welcome contributions from all close range remote sensing technologies, including: laser scanning (ground-based and terrestrial LIDAR), white light scanning, terrestrial synthetic-aperture radar (SAR), photogrammetry, structure from motion (SfM) and similar approaches using either ground-based or UAV platforms. Knowledge concerning these new technologies, applications and workflows will be exchanged, results discussed within a wide context and new opportunities identified.

We intend to demonstrate insights into both natural processes and those creating a human fingerprint in the landscape. Special attention is paid to data acquisition, data assessment and data handling related to high-resolution process analysis. This session is supported by activities of ISPRS (Int. Soc. Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing) working group V5 (