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Informatics in Oceanography and Ocean Science
Convener: Giuseppe M.R. Manzella  | Co-Convener: Dick M. A. Schaap 
 / Wed, 30 Apr, 13:30–17:15
 / Attendance Tue, 29 Apr, 17:30–19:00

The session aims to present collaboration between data managers and data users. To access data in a useful manner it is important to provide information required for their correct use. The session present the state of art information systems in oceanography such as standards (metadata, vocabularies, ISO and OGC applications, data moldes), interoperability in ocean science (Interoperability forms, Web services, Quality of Services, Open standards), data circulation and services (quality assurance / quality control, preservation, network services) and Education in ocean science (Education and Research, Internet tools for education). The use of data for research purposes is important for many environmental issues, from studies on climate changes/variability to assessment of marine environments. Applications of informatics on ocean sciences and results obtained are important issue considered in the session.
ESSI1.2 want to show how information is serving science and society. Presenters are strongly encouraged to demonstrate how their efforts will benefit their user communities, facilitate collaborative knowledge building, decision making and knowledge management in general, intended as a range of strategies and practices to identify, create, represent and distribute data, products and information.
Marine data managers and data users are invited to participate to the session and present their services and their requirements.