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Scientists must film! Filmmaker & Storyteller Workshop (co-organized)
Co-Convener: Maarten Roos 
Tue, 29 Apr, 17:30–19:00

Communicating science to a wider audience is becoming an increasingly important part of academic research. With this scientists are adopting a variety of communication strategies to reach the general public. Video presentation offers a unique opportunity for geoscientists to discuss their work in an engaging and stimulating manner. This short course will demonstrate how scientists can use video to share research with a non-technical audience.

Dan Brinkhuis of and Maarten Roos of Lightcurve Films will share their skills in scientific film production, focussing on shaping a story, targeting an audience and making the most of films in science.


Goals of the workshop and getting to know the instructors.

1: What’s the story?
How to translate a story into a script/synopsis and select a style to get your message across(documentary, animations, drama, etc.).

2: Who is your audience?
How to target different audiences (general, specific, academic) and distribute the film effectively.

3: What can film do (and not do) for you?
How film can be used to communicate messages effectively, and what sorts of problems you can run in to.

4: Getting started
The practical side of preparing for a shoot, from scripting and planning to the equipment you need.