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Geomorphology workshops for young scientists: Meet the Master (co-organized)
Convener: Jens Turowski 
Wed, 30 Apr, 17:30–19:00

Scientific careers build on more than published articles. Young scientists often face questions that cannot be answered from a textbook.
How do I achieve a good work-life balance? Should I move to this new job, or stay where I am? How do I decide which projects to work on?

In this session, a successful scientist with many years of experience will give a look back to give a personal perspective of his career.
This year we are happy that Paul Carling, Professor in Physical Geography at the University of Southampton has agreed to partake. Paul is a geographer by training, and focuses on the physical processes that occur in river systems, and how these processes are recorded in the sedimentary record. We will discuss how his decisions subsequently affected his career, what problems he had to face, and how research is affected by life and vice versa. His account of his life and work will be fascinating window to how a master scientist works.