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Big Data Analytics for Earth Science: the EarthServer approach (public)
Convener: Paolo Mazzetti  | Co-Conveners: Peter Baumann , Oliver Clements , Angelo Pio Rossi 
Wed, 30 Apr, 15:30–19:00

The capability of fast processing for large datasets is an increasingly important requirement of Earth Science applications. The European project EarthServer developed solutions for open access and ad-hoc analytics on Earth Science data, based on the OGC geoservice standards Web Coverage Service (WCS) and Web Coverage Processing Service (WCPS). The Splinter Meeting aims to collect opinions, requirements and feedbacks from the community with particular reference to scientists working in different Earth Science domains. To start and stimulate the discussion a set of short demos of lighthouse applications concerning Marine, Atmospheric, Geoscience , Cryosphere and Planetary Science will be presented to demonstrate the EarthServer approach and current achievements.