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Novel GPR instrumentation (by invitation only)
Convener: Lara Pajewski 
Thu, 01 May, 13:30–15:00

This meeting will involve the Members of Working Group 1 of COST Action TU1208, "Civil engineering applications of Ground Penetrating Radar" (,

This Working Group (WG) focuses on the design of innovative GPR equipment dedicated for civil engineering applications, on the building of prototypes and on the testing and optimisation of new systems.

During the meeting, WG1 Members will discuss how to carry out their activities during the second year of the Action's lifetime. In particular, they will discuss research priority needs and future directions on the following topics:

1.1) Design, realization and optimization of innovative GPR equipment for the monitoring of critical transport infrastructures and buildings, and for the sensing of underground utilities and voids.

1.2) Development and definition of advanced testing, calibration and stability procedures and protocols, for GPR equipment.

1.3) Design, modelling and optimisation of Ground Penetrating Radar Antennas.

Members of Working Groups 2, 3 and 4 are of course welcome to the meeting, their contribution will be very useful and appreciated.

For more details on Working Group 1 of COST Action TU1208, please visit the following pages: