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Paleoclimate and environmental records in Quaternary continental archives
Convener: Nathalie Fagel  | Co-Conveners: Marie-France Loutre , Sophie Verheyden 
 / Thu, 16 Apr, 13:30–15:00

Among paleoclimate archives, lakes, peatbogs and speleothems constitute powerful sedimentary archives of the continental environment over the Quaternary. Both the biotic and abiotic sedimentary components may be used to track environmental changes. To be able to quantify these changes, a strong knowledge of the transfer function and the calibration of datasets is crucial. Moreover, the assessment of climate events in any record requests to decipher between climate, tectonic/geological or anthropogenic changes. For this session we encourage contributions that evidence continental climatic and environmental variations particularly in lacustrine sediments, speleothems and peatbogs during the Quaternary. We invite presentations dealing with new approaches, multi-proxy or multi-archive studies to retrieve quantitative reconstructions. Studies trying to disentangle the natural and human induced changes are particularly welcomed.