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Large scale hydrology
Convener: Emanuel Dutra  | Co-Conveners: Florian Pappenberger , David Hannah , Dan Rosbjerg , Hannah Cloke , Chong-Yu Xu , Shannon Sterling 
 / Tue, 14 Apr, 13:30–17:00  / Room R11
 / Attendance Wed, 15 Apr, 17:30–19:00  / Red Posters

Global, continental and other large scale hydrological research is very important in many different contexts. Examples include increasing understanding of the climate system and water cycle, assessment of water resources in a changing environment, hydrological forecasting and water resource management.

We invite contributions from across the atmospheric, meteorological and hydrological communities. In particular, we welcome papers that address advances in:

(i) understanding and predicting the current and future state of our global and large scale water resources;

(ii) use of global earth observations and in-situ datasets for large scale hydrology and data assimilation techniques for large scale hydrological models;

(iii) understanding and modelling of extremes: droughts, floods;

(iv) representing/evaluating different components of the terrestrial water cycle fluxes and storage (e.g. soil moisture, snow, groundwater, lakes, floodplains, evaporation, river discharge) and their impact on current/future water resources and atmospheric modelling.