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Lunar Science and Exploration
Convener: Bernard Foing  | Co-Convener: Harald Hiesinger 
 / Tue, 14 Apr, 08:30–12:30
 / Attendance Tue, 14 Apr, 17:30–19:00

The EGU PS2.2 session "Lunar Science and Exploration" will address:
- Recent lunar results: geochemistry, geophysics in the context of open planetary science and exploration
- Celebrating the lunar legacy of pioneers Gerhard Neukum, Colin Pillinger and Manfred Fuchs
- Latest results from LADEE and Chang'e 3/4
- Synthesis of results from SMART-1, Kaguya, Chang-E1 and Chang-E2, Chandrayaan-1, Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter and LCROSS impactor, Artemis and GRAIL
- Goals and Status of missions under preparation:
orbiters, Luna-Glob, Google Lunar X Prize, Luna Resurs, Chang'E 5, Future landers, Lunar sample return
- Precursor missions, instruments and investigations for landers, rovers, sample return, and human cis-lunar activities and human lunar sorties
- Preparation: databases, instruments, terrestrial field campaigns
- The future international lunar exploration programme towards ILEWG roadmap of a global robotic village and permanent international lunar base
- Strategic Knowledge Gaps, and key science Goals relevant to Human Lunar Global Exploration
Lunar science and exploration are developing further with new and exciting missions being developed by China, the US, Japan, India, Russia, Korea and Europe, and with the perspective of robotic and human exploration.
The session will include invited and contributed talks as well as a panel discussion and interactive posters with short oral introduction.