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Habitability, observations, formation and dynamics: From the Solar System to Exoplanets | PICO
Convener: Daniel Winterhalter  | Co-Conveners: James Cho , Nadine Nettelmann , Helmut Lammer , Doris Breuer , Lena Noack 
 / Wed, 15 Apr, 13:30–15:00

A main goal of this session is to discuss the observations, formation and dynamics of planets in or outside of the solar system, with a special focus on habitable worlds. This includes recent observations of exoplanets from spacecraft and from ground-based observatories as well as papers discussing the status of, and/or plans for, future observations. Further, theoretical and numerical models, in particular those that interpret or provide support for present and future observations, will be of strong interest. Another topic of high interest pertains the availability and observation of organic matter in planetary systems.