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Soil and sediment tracing techniques for understanding environmental processes
Convener: Gema Guzmán  | Co-Conveners: John Quinton , Mark Nearing , Peter Strauss 
 / Thu, 16 Apr, 13:30–15:00

Interest in the use of soil and sediment tracers as a tool to understand sediment and colloid transfers through the environment has increased due to the additional information they provide, such as the identification of sources and deposition areas, soil movement and redistribution across the landscape or estimations of sediment yields.
For these reasons, the utility and robustness of tag and tracing approaches of various substances have been evaluated in numerous studies and in diverse environments.
This session calls researchers working with soil and sediment tracing approaches, as well as those who are using tracing information to constrain or improve understanding of processes and process based modelling. Contributions about the newest and most advanced approaches under development at different temporal and spatial scales are also encouraged to participate.
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