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Soil, Sediments and Dust Magnetism (SOILSEDUMA)
Convener: Tadeusz Magiera  | Co-Conveners: Eduard Petrovsky , Karl Fabian 
 / Tue, 14 Apr, 15:30–17:00
 / Attendance Tue, 14 Apr, 17:30–19:00

During the last decade, the number of scientific publications related to magnetic properties of soils, sediments and dust, is significantly growing. According to ISI Web of Science, since 2000 more than 50 scientific articles dealing with these topics, are published annually. Magnetic parameters, which can be measured in relatively fast and easy way (even in field conditions), reflect the type, concentration and grain-size distribution of magnetic minerals, and are very often used as tracers of environmental processes and/or anthropogenic load. Magnetic parameters are not used only by geophysists, but also by scientists from many other disciplines of the earth sciences, such as geochemistry, environmental geology, mineralogy, soil science, physical geography, environmental protection and ecology. This session intends to attract scientists from different disciplines, who study problems of magnetic properties of soils and sediments, occurring as a result of anthropogenic and/or technogenic processes (urban and industrial pollution) as well as natural processes (caused by pedogenic or geogenic features), and also those scientists who study magnetic properties of atmospheric dusts in various environmental settings. This session should present scientific results and enable exchange of experience between scientists from different disciplines, who may benefit from the use of magnetic parameters for investigation of environmental processes in geophysics, environmental physic, environmental protection, geochemistry, soil science, environmental geology etc. Emphasis will be put on practical applications of magnetic methods and techniques for assessment of ecological conditions and changes of natural environment, pollution monitoring and health-related problems.