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Please note that this session was withdrawn and is no longer available in the respective programme. This withdrawal might have been the result of a merge with another session.


Measuring and modeling interactions between earthquakes and geological processes (co-organized)
Convener: Matteo Lupi  | Co-Conveners: Adriano Mazzini , Sverre Planke 

An increasing number of studies and field observations highlight the interaction between earthquakes and triggered geological processes in the near- and far-field. For instance geological responses to moderate- to large magnitude earthquakes include fault reactivations, landslides, hydrogeological responses, variations of water levels in boreholes, temperature variations at hydrothermal systems, triggered volcanic and seismic activity, sediment liquefaction, and mineral phase precipitation. Fluids are often suggested to be one of the key elements responsible for such dynamics. Yet, a clear understanding of the timescales and the physical processes driving earthquake-triggered responses of geological system remains elusive.

This session aims at identifying and quantifying the key factors driving interactions between earthquakes and geological systems. We encourage contributions from any field of Solid Earth studies that may improve our understanding of earthquake-triggered geological processes.