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Natural backgrounds, indicators and ecological thresholds for groundwater and surface water in river basins and estuaries.
Convener: Klaus Hinsby  | Co-Conveners: Brian Kronvang , Chantal Donnelly , Elisabetta Preziosi , Marco Petitta 
 / Attendance Fri, 17 Apr, 13:30–15:00

Understanding the links and interactions between different surface and subsurface water bodies in the land-sea continuum is of increasing importance for assessments of the chemical and ecological status of water bodies and ecosystems. This session seeks to bring together hydro(geo)logists, freshwater and marine ecologists in order to present and promote interdisciplinary research that increase the understanding of chemical and ecological interactions between groundwater and onshore and offshore surface waters, as well as chemical, physical and ecological interactions in both freshwater and marine ecosystems.