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Scientific Discourse in the Digital Era: A Panel Discussion
Convener: Allan Graubard 
Tue, 14 Apr, 19:00–20:00

The panel will discuss the character of scientific discourse in the digital era by considering these questions.

• How has the character of scientific discourse developed in the digital era?
o In what ways have digital technologies influenced traditional scientific discourse?
o How will this influence evolve in the 21st century in basic and applied research?
• What is the reality of, and potential for, inter-, cross- and trans-disciplinary discourse in the sciences in the digital era?
• Define the issues and potential resolutions in the relationship between scientific discourse and policy, governance, management, adaptation, and mitigation regimes?
• In what manner is scientific discourse socially constructed?
• How should research data, on which scientific analyses are based, be reviewed, valued, and shared?

Panel members include:

Dr. Stefano Tinti, EGU Division President, Natural Hazards Science
Dr. Özgür Karatekin, EGU Division President, Planetary and Solar System Science
Dr. Alina Stadnitskaia, EGU Division President, Biogeosciences
Dr. Ulrich Poschl, Max Planck Institute, former Chair, EGU Publications Committee
Dr. Hans Pfeiffenberger, Alfred Wegener Institute for Polar and Marine Research

The panel will be moderated by Allan Graubard, Senior Editor, Oxford University Press